When your cloud is up, so is your business.
Don't miss transactions from unplanned downtime.

Get YetiCloud, the simplest platform to remediate cloud issues.

It costs nothing to get started.

We Are Your First Line of Defense

YetiCloud automatically fixes issues in real-time using an event-driven approach.

If YetiCloud is unable to resolve the issue, it sends an alert to your monitoring platform, ticketing system, issue tracker, on-call person, or any combination you'd like.


Accelerate Cloud Operations

YetiCloud improves the ongoing IT experience for its customers by reducing cloud complexities and outages with just a one-click/command install.

Yeti Magic

Automatically remediate outages in real-time

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** More is better

95% Faster

Reduce unplanned downtime and reoccuring IT tickets

Other Solutions

** More is better

72% Less

Manage cloud resources and infrastructure with less resources

Other Solutions

** More is better

57% Less

Use Cases

Move faster and save money

Save 5x with operational expenses by utilizing YetiCloud's powerful discovery. Enabling you to lift and shift without incurring additional costs.

Orchestrate tough problems

Companies running open source benefit with our out-of-the-box automation without having to do anything.

Deploy applications smarter

Catch bad deployments and roll-back automatically without needing to wait hours.

Automatic failover

Auto-scaling resources take 5-20 minutes, and failover is usually a manual process. YetiCloud can automate failover in seconds.

Reduce staff turnover

Reduce turnover of your critical engineers by letting YetiCloud do mundane tier 1-3 remediation leaving on-call happy.

Train staff smarter

Let YetiCloud show you what's working or not and how you can better train staff on technologies deployed in a heterogeneous environment.

Enforce compliance standards

YetiCloud provides actions to enforce standards like DISA STIGS, FedRAMP, and HIPAA, minimizing the impact on your infrastructure.

Fix security drift instantly

YetiCloud enforces a known-good state in real-time; closing security holes in seconds compared to days.

DevSecOps modernization

YetiCloud bridges the gap between operations, development, and security by having a unified language that makes DevSecOps a reality.

Discover What You Don't Know

Don't know what's in your environments or want to enable self-service? We take the shortest path to discover resources without having to define logic.

  • Tags

  • Containers

  • Middleware

  • Applications

  • Configurations

Recovery Metrics

Keep track of your mean time to recovery (MTTR).

Service Discovery

Discover deployed services across multiple cloud providers.

Utilization Insights

Right-size cloud resources by viewing utilization data in one place.

Automation Coverage

Automate more by observing your alert to recovery ratio.

Make Your Cloud Resilient

Customers can get started with a highly-available implementation in two minutes, letting you focus on the most robust automation problems in your organization. Example issues we fix with no manual effort:

  • Sync Time

  • Security Patching

  • Fix Network Issues

  • Out of Memory State

  • Unresponsive Container

  • Corrupted or Full Filesystem

  • Restart Applications or Servers

to Learn

The easiest platform to learn and implement at scale.


Monitor events from many sources and trigger a workflow.

Automated Alert Triage

Define alert logic in plans to route events to the right people.

Security Response

Reduce alerts by remediating security events in real-time.

Supported Platforms & Integrations