Who We Are

YetiCloud is an IT Automation software Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) focused on solving big hairy problems in the cloud. We're a team made up of industry experts who have worked for large enterprises and successful software companies such as Puppet, Ansible, Capital One, Comcast, and Cvent. We care deeply about keeping digital products online and safe. Our software is built to optimize the most robust infrastructure and application problems while running at scale in cloud environments.


We Are Tired

Of gluing tools together to keep systems online without a more natural way of doing so. Automation over time becomes costly to maintain, and it shouldn't.

Why We Exist

Enable customers to offer a better quality of service with a significant reduction in unplanned downtime, infrastructure costs, and cloud operation overhead with the easiest and fastest approach that doesn't become costly to maintain at scale.




Tim Marcinowski

Founder & CEO


Peter Fraedrich

Co-Founder & CTO

Kyle Marcinowski

Kyle Marcinowski

Customer Success

Colin Walsh

Colin Walsh


Justin Nemmers

Justin Nemmers



Emery Freeman



Seda Goff


Jonathan Davila

Jonathan Davila




Head Pup


We offer a service experience unlike any other. Our team of professionals love open source and giving you the tools that do more with less. We listen. We solve. We guide. We get it. And we enjoy lowering your spend on IT products and services. Reach out to Tim our founder to learn more.


We offer 24/7 support to enterprises and cloud managed services for small businesses.


Accelerate your success with advanced automation at any stage in your journey.


Become an automation expert with training given to your teams from the best.


  • We choose to do what is hard

    We have chosen to take on the big tasks, the scary problems, and to not be discouraged by failure.

  • We choose to do what is right

    We have chosen to always do what is ethical, fair, and right in all things.

  • We choose to do what is fun

    Sometimes the best solutions come when you’re not even working.

  • We choose to do what is honest

    We are true to the truth and will not conceal it; our policy is honesty in all things.

  • We choose to be open

    We are open to each other and new ideas, from our CEO to the newest team member.

  • We choose to do what is new

    We create things no one has seen before; we are pioneers blazing our own path.

Open Source

Our customers believe in open source and so do we. Below are YetiCloud projects that have come out of our product for people to explore.

dama a simplified machine learning container platform that helps teams get started with an automated workflow. Star

yeti-discover runs on Kubernetes clusters to capture configuration state and host-based statistics. Star