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Configuration Management tools like Puppet manage the provisioning and on-going configuration of servers and applications in a declarative approach, but do not discover, monitor, nor perform event-driven remediation.

YetiCloud not only correlates performance to your services (commercial/custom), but also shows you what’s working – or not working with the automation you have in place giving you a thousand-foot view over your applications and infrastructure without having to write custom metric logic like in AWS CloudWatch.

At YetiCloud, we take security seriously. We use FIPS grade encryption in transit and at rest. Our authentication uses the toughest hashing and salting algorithms to ensure secrets like passwords are stored securely. We also limit the number of network ports required for our agent (YetiCore) and server (YetiControl) install.

Upon activation, YetiCloud enables operation teams to collaborate synergistically with their customers to build smarter, faster and more reliable solutions. Give your team more time to spend on building solutions for your customers instead of constantly putting out fires.

Yes. If the system has a REST API, we can post events to it directly from our built-in notification service. Additionally, you can send data using plan actions to multiple endpoints, including everything from REST APIs, databases via SQL, and command-line-interfaces (CLI), TCP to UDP sockets and more.

Customers typically run both in parallel as when they onboard customers to the new platform the responsiveness and resilience is important to ensure the transition is pain-free and stable while spending less time managing legacy application.

Yes. We can provide consulation based on the servers or applications you’re managing with YetiCloud. We couldn’t necessarily tell you the exact size right away, but we can give you that salient information during your next deployment.

Our main focus point is post-Deployment/Production of day two operations. Customers also use YetiCloud in the deployment phase while bootstrapping servers with a script to pull down software. Our plan system can wrap or replace those scripts to ensure deployment is successful and the on-going management of that server is able to be automatically fixed without manual management. Keep the experience and posture of all your environments at the same caliber while accelerating and innovating.

Yes. If you wanted to build a workflow within a plan to move data or incremental data from flat files, SQL or log data from on-prem to a managed cloud service that is within the scope of our product.

Yes. Our pricing correlates with the amount of automation you run per 2000 servers. We want to empower our customers to scale. Ideally, you’ll be abke to use us our suite of software to manage your entire fleet. It doesn’t make sense to hinder your growth with old license practices, right?

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